Saturday, July 29, 2006

Will Lasik vision correction eliminate the need for corrective lenses?

The short answer to that is maybe. Most people who have the Lasik procedure may still need to wear some form of glasses or contacts. This does not mean that the surgery had a poor outcome. This is normal and should be expected. Lasik is not a means to completely correct vision problems. It is designed to improve vision. Those who go into Lasik expecting perfect vision with an unrealistic expectation should not undergo treatment.

Are there risks of having the Lasik procedure?

Yes. As with any surgery or medical procedure there are risks. Most people who have the surgery do not have problems, however some people do. The most commonly reported side effect of the Lasik procedure is reduced low light vision. This can cause glowing or halos around lit objects at night. After some time the side effects of the Lasik procedure will disappear over a period of time. There are some long-term complications that have been reported, though they are rare. Some people could experience worse eyesight than they had before surgery.

Does the procedure hurt? The Lasik procedure is quick and painless for most patients. Each eye only takes a minute or two. The eye is numbed using drops and patients will stay awake the entire time. For those who feel uncomfortable about the surgery, a mild sedative can be given. Most patients are able to walk out of the surgery center after the procedure is complete.